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Yenza is a career success platform designed to empower you to realise your career potential and succeed in the modern economy.

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Take the fastest, scientifically validated assessments online. Learn about your personality, worker type and more.

Career Guidance

Yenza Smart Career Algorithm recommends personalised careers that you will have the best chance of success.

Dynamic Profile

The C.V re-invented. A dynamic, interactive profile which guides you and expresses the best version of yourself.

Skill Development

Focus on skills, not qualifications. Gain access to the most credible courses and content that will make you highly employable in the skills-based economy.

Jobs and Placements

Searching for jobs or placements is difficult. Yenza aggregates opportunities across the web and personalises recommendations for you.

Yenza Events

Nothing beats hearing first hand from those who have walked the path and succeeded. Yenza brings you experts and industry leaders to share their knowledge.

Smart Career Technology

Yenza is the first truly personalised career platform for the youth. We have developed 'Smart Career Technology' which adapts, responds and recommends career pathway progression based on algorithmic, data-driven and scientific methods of career development.

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Yenza Philosophy

We believe in human potential and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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