We believe in human potential and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Mission


Ensuring all youth have access to self knowledge, guidance and resources.


Making sure anyone, from any background has equal opportunity.


Inspiring, confidence and encouraging behaviours needed to succeed.

Our Purpose

Raising self awareness

In a fast changing, complex world it's very hard to make good life choices. We believe the most powerful tool in todays economy is self knowledge. Having self knowledge is like having an internal compass that is directing you to go on the best possible route to get to your desired destination.

Realising potential

Having self knowledge is not enough. You need to have the right tools to get you to where you want to go. Not just any tools, but the RIGHT tools! The research is conclusive, people who develop their strengths perform better than people who focus on improving their weaknesses. By developing your strengths you realise your potential.

Taking action

Yenza means "Do" and we're all about taking action. We don't believe in waiting for someone or something else to determine our path. We are all responsible for our own future. You can have nothing and be a success, or you can have everything and fail. It all depends on the actions you take. You are not what you say you are, you are what you do!

Our Principles

Self > Subject

Self knowledge helps you navigate the world, subject knowledge allows you to participate in it.

Action > Reaction

Yenza means "Do" and we believe in taking action, rather than letting life happen to you.

Depth > Breadth

We believe it's better to know a lot about less, than a little about everything.

Quality > Quantity

In a fast changing world of too much information, quality trumps quantity.