Self knowledge is the most powerful tool you have. Those that are the most successful are always the most self aware.

Yenza is the fastest, smartest and most engaging online assessments.

Accessible & Affordable

The reasons so few people have formal or professional career guidance is because there is a of lack of accessible and affordable HIGH QUALITY solutions.

Our mission is to raise people’s self knowledge and career awareness, and that's why we bring Yenza to you at a fraction of the cost compared to equivalent services.

Built by us for you

Yenza is not a reseller of other peoples assessments. We are the only career platform building assessments ourselves. That’s because there’s a lot wrong with your typical standardised assessments which Yenza assessments solve.

Engaging and Fast format

Easy to naivgate and understand reports

In-depth report descriptions

Fully integrated approach

How we’ve created our assesments

Technological inclusion

✓ Multi-lingual translations
✓ User guided experience
✓ Data free access, coming soon

Contemporary for the youth

✓ 5-7 minutes to complete
✓ Fun and engaging experience
✓ Very mobile friendly

Removes bias

✓ No subject knowledge required
✓ No educational advantage
✓ Gamified experience

Backed by science

✓ Gold standard frameworks  
✓ Scientifically validated
✓ Localised research

Benefits of Yenza Assesssments

Know yourself better

Become an expert in yourself and understand your strengths

Improve decision making

Make smarter life and career decisions

Realise your potential

Develop in the right way to realise your potential

Our Assessments

We’ve built each assessment to be fast, fun, engaging and super easy to use on your mobile phone.

Worker Type

Based on The Holland Code framework. Reporting on career preference and work style.

Personality Traits

Based on the Big-5 factor model. Reporting on stable personality traits which inform career choice.

Emotional Intelligence

Gamified and scenario based experience. Reporting on ability to perceive, understand and manage emotions.

Cognitive Ability

Gamified experience. Reporting on general or fluid cognitive ability like abstract reasoning and working memory.


5-7 minutes to complete

Real-time language translation

Behavioural imagery

Real-time reporting

Scientifically validated


Backed By Science

Yenza uses gold standard assessment frameworks which have been modernised and localised for the youth of today. All our assessments are scientifically validated to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

Yenza Assessment vs The Rest

There is no point in taking a long, boring assessment and receiving a complicated report weeks later.  Yenza is the fastest, most inclusive, engaging and easy to understand assessments online.


High quality career assessments made affordable.

High quality career assessments costs thousands of Rands.


Assessments take minutes to complete.

Assessments take hours to complete.


Reports are designed to be easily understood and interpreted by you, no professional counselling required!

Often requires a professional to guide individuals through technical and hard to understand reports.

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