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Your smart career guide

Gain the benefit of personalised career guidance without paying for professionals.

Yenza is the first adaptive platform that develops in-depth understanding of individuals and then uses scientific methods to guide and develop a person along a career path.

How we guide

To guide someone you need to know who they are.

The Yenza Smart Career Algorithm combines over 250 data points to provide the most rounded view of the individual.

The Science Of Career Success

Research show that when you find the sweet spot between a persons interests, ability, personality and environment, their chances of career success increase significantly. Yenza uses a data-driven, scientific approach to find that sweet spot for you.

Personalised Pathway

One size does not fit all.

We believe in quality over quantity and so we only show content that is most relevant to the individual.

We personalise and curate content and the more we get to know the individual the better the experience becomes.

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