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Empower your learners to thrive in the modern economy.

The Science Of Career Success

Research show that when you find the sweet spot between a persons interests, ability, personality and environment, their chances of career success increase significantly. Yenza uses a data-driven, scientific approach to find that sweet spot for your learners.

How Yenza Fits In

Yenza helps schools deliver Career Guidance the way it should be done. Professional, personal guidance all done seamlessly through an online platform.

Learners gain access to the highest quality career guidance and personal development

Engage learners on a personal level whilst others explore

No training required for teachers to use the platform

Activity guides and lesson plans provided to deliver classes and events

Continuous access for learners with personalised profiles

Subject Choice & Life Orientation

Utilise the Yenza platform to guide learners on subject choice and amplify LO teachers efforts in delivering meaningful, impactful career guidance to learners.

Automated subject choice report

Platform access to explore careers and build profiles

Lesson plans and activity guides to amplify classes

Customer service support

With my grade 12's once they used Yenza they absolutely loved it, especially with regards to the CV. Thank you Yenza for this opportunity.”

Naz Abrahams
LO HOD Leap Schools

Learners get EVERYTHING they need to make smart personalised choices at their fingertips - literally. Really impressed. Making sure all my kids make use of it!

Heather Calmeyer
Zonnebloem NEST Senior Principal

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Special Benefits To Schools

The greatest gift to give your learners is self knowledge and tools to succeed. Our mission is to make sure all learners are given equal opportunities to thrive.

Special rates and bulk discounts

Administration dashboard to control learner access

Automated authentications and logins

Reporting dashboard with school and individual learner insights

Participate in competitions to win high value prizes

What Your Learners Receive


Learners understand themselves and make the right career choices.

• Fast, Easy and Engaging
• Multi-Lingual Translations
• Real-Time, Understandable Reports
• Scientifically Validated & Accredited

Career Guidance

Personalised career recommendations that you are best suited for.

• In-Depth Career Information
• Over 150 High Demand Careers
• Smart Career Display
• Skills & X-Factor Guide


Learners build their profile to unlock further opportunities.

• Guided Interaction
• Attractive & Customisable CV
• Developmental / Reflective Tool
• Credible, Accurate Profile Info

Jobs and Placements

Learn about yourself and make the right career choices

• Fast, Easy and Engaging
• Multi-Lingual Translations
• Real-Time, Understandable Reports
• Scientifically Validated and Accredited

Yenza Events

Events with experts and industry leaders.

• Hear from leading industry experts
• Get to ask questions
• Access to exclusive competitions
• Bonus content for members

Skill Development

Develop the right skills for you and the modern economy

• Personalise your skill development
• Free & discounted access to credible courses
• Become an attractive candidate
• Join the skills-based economy

Jobs and placements

Discover the right opportunities that you have the greatest chance of success.

• Opportunities from across the web
• Personalised recommendations
• Save time and money searching

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Yenza different to other solutions?

Yenza is the first career platform that personalises career guidance and development based on biographic, psychographic and behavioural data. Other solutions offer generic "one size fits all" information, which is overwhelming and doesn't do a good job at guiding a learner. We offer highly curated, personal recommendations based on deep understanding of the learner and at the same time we help them develop themselves. Lastly, because of our deep understanding of learners, we are better able to find them opportunities.

Is it hard to conduct classroom sessions using Yenza?

Not at all. Because Yenza is user-guided, multi-lingual and very fast, learners are able to get through the platform with very little facilitation.

What kind of support can I expect?

We have a dedicated team who will provide online support. In certain situations we will also visit the school to conduct sessions.

What does Yenza mean?

Yenza means "Do" in Xhosa & Zulu - Our philosophy is all about taking action, Being proactive, taking responsibility for your life and committing to your future.

Are the Yenza assessments hard to take?

No, they take on average between 5-7 minutes to complete, and they are easy to use on all smartphone devices. There are no right or wrong answers and reports are easy to understand.

Does the Yenza platform use a lot of bandwidth / data?

No. Yenza is data-lite. Taking one of our assessments only uses 3MB. We are also currently working towards providing Yenza data free.

What do you mean by multi-lingual?

Yenza assessments and reports will be offered in four languages to begin with: English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

Are there other similar assessments like this?

No. There are no currently validated or accredited online assessments which use behavioural imagery to administer assessments. We are also the first to combine assessment data to develop our own Smart Career Algorithm, which combines over 250 data points to make personalised career recommendations to individuals.

How / what do you mean by scientifically validated?

Our assessments adhere to gold standard psychometric and developmental frameworks. We have developed and continue to refine and validate our assessments under the supervision of world renowned psychometrists, both locally and abroad.

You mentioned something about an algorithm, what is that?

As the individual works through various assessments and gives feedback through the platform, the Yenza Smart Career Algorithm analyses this information to make highly accurate career and skill development recommendations. The more you engage, the better we are able to personalise your career pathway. We are also conducting on-the-ground research to understand sector and industry skills and people requirements, which feeds into our algorithm to make sure we are guiding the right people along the right path.

What makes the Yenza Profile so special?

The Yenza profile is a living profile that evolves with you as you progress in your career. It is your tool to open doors you could have never opened before. It is the only profile which offers objective, credible insight into who you are, which is essential information for employers or recruiters. This profile is also used as a reflective tool, which gives you insights and guidance on what to do next on your career path. Finally your profile converts into the most attractive C.V you will find, which will put you in the front of any queue.

Why offer Yenza directly to schools?

We believe that working with schools is the best way to reach the youth. Learners are forced to decide on career paths very early on their lives and often do not have access to professional career guidance to make the right choices. Learners also have a very limited understanding of themselves and the career landscape. Yenza is built to help both teachers and learners navigate through one of life's most important decisions.

Can I share my CV?

Yes you can share your CV by clicking the "Share My CV" button. You will then be able to download your C.V to print or share online.

What kind of insights do I get from the Career recommendations?

We pay very close attention to the realities of each career. We also do our best to make sure you understand what is required from you so you can make the right career choices. We've developed a Smart Career Display which gives you a lot of career information in a quick and easy format to understand. We also only list the most important skills you need to have and what "X-Factor" qualities or attributes you need to really succeed within each profession.

What are the kinds of skill development content that will be available with the Yenza subscription?

We will be offering various online courses, which are credible in the job market. These courses will range from digital skills like typing, using interfaces and spreadsheets to soft skills like focus, time management, organisation and planning.

When will skill courses be available?

We will be launching our first set of courses in October 2020.

What experience does Yenza have with dealing with schools?

We have been dealing with schools from all quintiles for over 6 years. We have run in-school interventions, events, after school workshops as well as online learning. We know the difficulties and challenges that come with providing a technology solution to schools and we have developed Yenza in a way to make sure it works in every context.

How do I buy Yenza?

Hit the "Get In Touch" button and fill out your enquiry and we will reach out to you within 72 hours.

How expensive is Yenza?

Yenza is the cheapest solution you will find that offers accredited assessments as well as professional career guidance and skill development. Other solutions cost in the thousands of rand, whilst Yenza can be as cheap at R180 per person.

Why is Yenza so cheap then?

Our main mission is to provide access to all and one of the biggest barriers to access is available finance. We also maintain the highest standards of quality. So that is why we are making a world class solution affordable for all.

Does Yenza really fall into the Life Orientation curriculum?

Yes. The CAP curriculum covers many hours of career guidance from grade 9 through to grade 12. The Yenza platform is perfectly positioned to help teachers conduct far more meaningful sessions with learners than ever before.

Do teacher really not need any training whatsoever?

Yes. Yenza is an entirely user guided experience. So once a learner logs onto Yenza, the learner receives instructions there and then. Teachers will need some basic understanding of the Yenza platform and we will provide a guide on how to conduct class sessions.

Where can I see this guide?

Once a school signed up for Yenza, we will provide teachers with a detailed workshop and activity guide, with a variety of approaches to conducting sessions. We will also offer an online webinar to answer any specific questions teachers may have.

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